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Trademark protection on autopilot

Brainbase Vault actively monitors and automatically renews your company’s most valuable assets on a simple, secure platform

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With $149 per renewal, per trademark

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A bird's-eye view of your IP

Smart Dashboard

Always view the most current information about your active IP with our real-time dashboard, seamlessly integrated with the USPTO.

Infringement Alerts

Monitor and report IP infringements, worldwide. Generate cease & desist letters in seconds so your business can operate with peace of mind.

Track Your Global IP

Vault currently helps businesses to monitor trademark usage and infringement.
Patent monitoring coming soon.

Never miss an IP renewal again

Vault automatically renews all of your stored IP — with your approval, of course. Simply set it and forget it, so your ideas stay protected.

Stay one step ahead with competitive intelligence

Track any company’s IP worldwide in seconds with real-time data from the USPTO. Plan for the future by staying in-the-know about companies in your industry.

Discover new opportunities for monetization

Vault delivers licensing opportunities specifically tailored to your IP. Then, manage your new licensing deals on Brainbase Assist

Your data is secure in Vault

Brainbase Vault is built with multiple layers of advanced security to protect your IP. Teams of all sizes trust Brainbase to secure their business and protect their data.

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